Miss Bitcoin & Enjin Partner to Launch Japan’s First Charity NFT Project

2 min readJan 18, 2021

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I and Enjin Partner to launch Japan’s first NFT (non-fungible token ) charity project through Kizuna. The initiative’s first campaign will use tokenized art created by Japanese celebrities to raise funds for DxP, an Osaka-based nonprofit providing aid to teenagers facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kizuna aims to raise over 2,000,000 JPY (US$20,000) through the sale of NFTs issued via the Enjin Platform, with participating celebrities to be announced in the coming weeks.

Japan has a concept called ‘Sanpo Yoshi’ (three-way satisfaction): good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society. This concept describes our NFT charity project perfectly.

When fans purchase NFTs drawn by artists and celebrities, they can not only enjoy the art, but also directly contribute to those in need. I believe this NFT campaign will bring joy to many people.

I have been enlightening the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and donations.I won’t limit my activities to the cryptocurrency platform KIZUNA that I run, but by collaborating with players from all over the world, I will gain more collaborators and supporters and maximize the impact. I think it is important to do it.I am very happy to collaborate with the Enjin team. And I’d like to thank the Enjin team and artists who have agreed to join the initiative!!

About Kizuna

Gracone’s Kizuna platform aims to educate people about the potential of blockchain and NFTs for mainstream uses, particularly in the charity context. Unlike cash-based donations, data for blockchain-based contributions is digitally recorded on the immutable blockchain, which provides enhanced transparency, efficiency, and verifiable proof of donation.

About Miss Bitcoin

Mai Fujimoto, a.k.a. “Miss Bitcoin,” has actively enhanced the awareness of Bitcoin since 2011. Fueled by her passion for social goods, she started the Kizuna project in 2017, where she has conducted various charity campaigns, as well as run media to share various charity use cases for blockchain. For more information, visit gracone.co.jp and kizuna.institute.

About Enjin

In 2009, Enjin launched the Enjin Network, a gaming community platform that boasts over 20 million users. In 2017 following a successful ICO that raised $18.9 million, Enjin began building a suite of blockchain products that enable anyone to easily create, manage, trade, store, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets.




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